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Marcus Koh

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React Native ⚛️ / Lithops 🍑 / Cactus 🌵

What do I do?

Hello! I am Marcus. I am a React/ReactNative developer. I am currently working in IBM as a React Native engineer building features our clients. On weekdays, I work my full time job (as a RN engineer) and on weekends, I am a full time exotic succulent collector. I specialise in collection Lithops / Astrophytums / Euphorbia Francoisii / Haworthias. They are succulents which are usually found in the desert / dry tropical climate.

What is this?

Recently (Dec 2022), I have started my new job in IBM and that has reignited my passion in technology and specifically MicroApps architecture and how we can configure areact-native project to make it work. I am also interested in designing interfaces for atomic components. So I have started this blog to document my findings and my learnings.


You can find my resume here